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    Mar 21, 2011
    We have 3 year old red star hens. One of the chickens just died on Saturday. One looks like she is going to die next because her comb is turnning bluish, she is very lathargic and she often closes her eyes and sleeps just standing there. She also looks bloated. The two others are exihibiting the beginning symptoms of runny poop. They are staying off by themselves walking slowly not willing to go back into the coup at the end of the day. The chicken I am most worried about has been acting weird for about a week the other two just started the runny poop Sunday. Each chicken starts with runny green poop that dribbles down and sticks to her feathers. Then they pluck the feathers off of their bottom as an attempt to itch it. The bird that died did have bleeding from the bottom. I haven't seen any bleeding from the other 3 chickens that are showing the same symptoms. I know that the sickest chicken is still drinking the other two are still drinking and eating. I have not given them anything but I would like to try and save them. We would like to avoid taking them to a vet but would like to buy medicine and give it to them ourselves. They have wood chips and big clean coop.

    Susie - Colorado

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    I'm sorry Susie, I am not sure what is wrong. Blood in the poop can be cocci. The green poop indicates something digestive rather than respiratory in nature. Have you opened a new bag of food that could have been damp? Have they just begun free ranging again after being inside all the time during the winter? The standard supportive treatment is polyvisol without iron and scrambled eggs. Sometimes finely ground oatmeal can help stop diarrhoea. Do a search for the chicken symptoms or poop symptoms. You should be able to find a chart to help differentiate. I hope someone will post the link. It is better to know what you are treating before giving them antibiotics. Good luck to you.

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