Very sick daughter


10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Humboldt County
My 18 yr old DD had the flu last week, missed school/work, and has had strep throat all this week. Back to the doctor - 101.5 fever last night, even after 3 days of antibiotics.
The doc said the antibiotics won't change the course of the illness, just help prevent rhumatic fever! She cries, her throat hurts so much. She's able to swallow bland tea, but the pustules on her tonsils make anything flavored hurt more.

Such bad things should not happen to such wonderful people.
She's the one who turned me on to BYC.
Prayers appreciated. Thank you.
Have 2 kids here just finishing with strep. They had 103.2 and 104.4 fevers at their highest. Felt like doo doo. Now just hoping I don't get it. We haven't had the flu yet *Knock on wood*. Hope your daughter feels better soon!
You should call her Dr and ask for something to give her to ease her pain in the throat. There are some liquids that he could prescribe to numb her throat a little. I had something like that when I had my tonsile out. Yes-just one. Long story.

Poor baby. No matter what their ages, they're still our babies.
Poor honey! I hate a sore throat.

What about doing the Tylenol/Motrin swap where you take Tylenol 1st, then Motrin 2 hours later, then back to Tylenol in 2 hours and so on.

Might alleviate the sore throat some.


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