Very Sick hen, pale comb, lethargic, lost appetite. Help please!


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Apr 8, 2012
Wiltshire, South West of England
Hello BYC gang!!

My silver laced wyandotte has become very poorly, her comb has suddenly gone really pale, and only a few months ago in the summer it was a beautiful, striking red, she was one of my best layers and now she hasnt laid a single one in 2 weeks. Shes lost soo much weight and makes weird deep breath noises, and strains with her bum as if she was trying to push and egg. She isnt interested in being outside with the others, ive separated her, she hasnt touched any pellets or corn for at least 12 hours, so i have been feeding her porridge and mash potato with peas which she eats unwillingly (which isnt like her at all; she used to LOVE her food)

I took her to the vets and he gave her some a vitamin b 12 injection; and she is on antibiotics every 12 hours, its been 48 hours and no improvment

He said he cant feel and egg, so shes not eggbound and her poo is normal, he did say that it could be something to do with her liver..??

Any help or advice would be amazing' im getting more and more worried.



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Oct 26, 2007
Sorry about your sick hen.
What does her crop feel like? Her abdomen? What does her vent look like? Any signs of lice/mites?
Whenever I have a sick chicken, I put it in a dog crate so that I can monitor is intake and output. Plus, the healthy chickens might kill her if you leave them with them.
You can have your vet do a stool test to see if she has parasites.

Try to get used to checking your chickens over with the things I mentioned above.
Unfortunately, sometimes we just can't figure out what's wrong. But I hope you can, and your hen gets well.

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