Very sick hen - Possbile egg bound or internal layer

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    1 1/2 year old Barred Rock Hen, also known as Cheetah started presenting symptoms of a sore leg
    Sunday but was still wobbling around slightly, eating and drinking ok. Then a couple days later it got worse she stopped putting weight on both of her legs.

    Last year in the fall this happened. She stopped walking but still was eating and drinking. It took about 3 weeks of a lot of TLC, and special meals that made this better.

    Because of this I didn't think much of it so I just made sure she was eating and drinking and her bedding was dry. But I went to check on her this morning and I was appalled of what I saw and felt horrible that I didn't do more.

    She had maggots, (ICK), and eggs and yuck. I gave her a bath tonight and got a good look at everything. I cut off the caked feathers and cleaned all the yucky eggs and maggots off her. It looks like she has some sores on around her vent area and one sore area that they were bugging her. After her blow dry I put Neosporin on the sores and A&D around the bald area on her abdomen so the bugs would stay away.

    Her abdoman is swollen, but squishy, and it looks as though her vent is slighty enlarged and she is contracting it. I thought maybe I felt something in there maybe an egg but I am not completley sure thats what it was. I tried to massage it gently but it didn't do anything. I also noticed when I cleaned up that she had small blood clots on her bum.

    Any idea? I really feel bad and I don't want to loose the poor thing.

    Update - she is still hanging in there - how do I know if she is egg bounnd or an internal layer?
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] thats so sad sounds like an internal layer mabie... [​IMG] heres a BUMP [​IMG] (thats me bumping you up lol but im not mad lol )

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