Very sick hen, yellow, watery poop, lethargic, can't stand up

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    Hi all, I had a 9 month old Barred Rock that passed away a few weeks ago and currently have a Buff Orpington exhibiting the same exact symptoms, which include yellow, watery poop, very lethargic, not eating or drinking, head down, puffed up, ruffled feathers, eyes closed, can't seem to stand or's heartbreaking and I can't seem to find any answers as to what it might be. When she opens her eyes she almost seems disoriented. When my Barred Rock was sick I took a fecal sample to the vet that came back normal, which was surprising and frustrating because I thought I would get some answers. The vet suggested it could be Mareks' but the hens were vaccinated as chicks (although I know it's no guarantee), and the rest of the flock was unaffected. I isolated the Barred Rock from the flock and gave her electrolytes, yogurt, apple cider vinegar in water, scrambled eggs with garlic and she seemed to recover somewhat (but never 100%), rejoined the flock and then suddenly passed away about a month and a half my arms, which was really tragic :(

    The Buff Orpington's symptoms seem to be more severe and I don't know that she'll make it through the night. She's been exhibiting symptoms for about 3 days now with no improvement. She hasn't been a productive layer and hasn't laid an egg in months, so she's not egg bound. I haven't been able to get her to eat or drink anything, and I'm hesitant to force her to drink with a dropper as I don't want to stress her out. I've read about Coccidiosis and haven't seen any blood in her poop, which I know isn't a guaranteed sign, but for symptoms so severe I would expect to see some blood. Also no visible mites or lice. I did read about possible heavy metal toxicity as there are a ton of BB pellets around our property and perhaps they mistakenly ate one, or several. Any ideas? I feel so helpless.

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    Those are classic sick chicken poops. If you don't think she'll make it through the night, then just make her as comfortable as you can.
    If she does die, then locate your state vet lab and take her in for an autopsy. For me it typically costs about $150, but it varies by state. Here is a link that lists them by state:
    So sorry for your loss! [​IMG]
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    What do you think she had, lhitchcock? Did you get the necropsy done? I'm asking so if other people who aren't members can relate symptoms and stuff.
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    Welcome to BYC @lhitchcock, can you take her to a vet? -Kathy

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