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    I have a 15 month old Production Red, that over the past few weeks has lost all the feathers on her back end. She has been eating, drinking and running the flock as normal. This morning she came out of the coop, ate and seemed fine. A few hours late, we noticed she was laying down, very week, couldn't move. We have separated her from the rest of the flock and have her inside the garage. She hasn't eaten, isn't moving and there are now open sores on her bald butt. She is only opening her eyes occasionally and we are at a loss as what to do. Any idea or help that can be offered would be appreciated. We are new to chickens (only had our little flock of 4 for 15 months) but we have had these girls since they were a week old, and aren't ready to give up on our girl, Chicklet!
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    I would add some electrolytes and vitamins (such as SaveAChick) or give 2-3 drops of NutriDrench orally. Water is very important and can be given witha dropper or spoon to the beak. It sounds as though she has been attached either by the flock, or by a predator. Keep her warm, possibly inside the house with heat in a crate or basket. When she is able to eat, offer some chopped egg and fed with water added. Clean her wounds with saline or weak betadine, and apply some bacitracin or plain neosporin ointment twice daily. When she is better, put her back with the others in a crate, so she is not pecked. Then allow her to have supervised visits.

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