Very Sick Rir,having To Force Feed Her


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Sep 10, 2008
2 Year Old Rir Hen,has Had Runny White Poop For Weeks.her Name Is Scarface,but We Started Calling Her Poopy Butt Because I Was Having To Wash The Poop Off Her Every Couple Of Days.did Not Seem To Be A Problem Until About Ten Days Ago.she Quit Laying And Would Eat Very Little. Started Losing Weight And Would Stay Under My Camper All Day.she Free Ranges Every Day.have Now Separated Her From The Rest Of The The Past 5 Days Her Comb Has Layed Over To The Side And She Will Eat Almost Nothing.have Been Feeding Her By Hand,am Having To Put Food In Her Mouth Or I Am Sure She Would Already Be Dead.her And Some Of The Other Girls Were Found To Have Lice But That Has Been Corrected With Seven Dust.have Also Treated Her And The Other Girls With Wazine Seven Days Ago,and Have Given Her 4 Treatments With Penicillin,.5 Cc Each Time.she Is Not Getting Any Better.have Been Feeding Her 16% Layer,tomatoes,lettuce ,dry And Wet Cat Food,yogurt,and Scrambled Eggs.she Will Eat Just A Little And Then I Will Put The Food In Her Mouth So She Will Not Starve.the Coup Is Cleaned Every Couple Of Weeks,and There Is Always Fresh Water Available And Layer Feed.there Is Also A Small Feeder With Oyster Shell In The Not Know What Else To Do For Her.her Poop Is Always Runny And Smells Very Bad.she Has Been Twitching Her Head The Last Couple Of Days Like There Is Something On Her But I See Nothing On It,no Gaping Though. Thanks In Advance To Those Who Will Try And Help Me With This Problem.will Be More Than Happy To Answer Any Questions.thanks, Don


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Mar 10, 2008
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I would try giving her some Safeguard liquid goat wormer if you can get some. If she has another type of worm Wazine will not kill it. I would only start out giving her 1/2 cc... but honestly it could stress her out more... but not many options left. You can mix 1/2 a liquid poultry vitamin or childrens liquid vitamin with 1/2 water, drawl it up into a syringe and inject about 3 cc's just under the skin were the neck and back meet, making sure to tent up the skin so you are going under only the skin. It will get some energy in her w/o her having to swallow. You can also try tube feeding her if you think perhaps worms may be the problem (you don't have to see worms in poo for them to have worms) and you want to keep her going to see if it passes the worms. PM me if you need instructions on tubing.


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Apr 9, 2010
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I would treat her for cocci with either Sulmet or Corrid. She's been going downhill many days now and at that critical stage where she's not eating on her own. It may be too late to do her any good, but it certainly won't hurt her. You can supplement her low food intake by substituting Pedialyte for her water. It contains both sugar for energy and necessary electrolytes.

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