Very sick rooster! Need help ASAP!


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
Addison NY
I got him last Thursday as a auction save. He's weezy, he has mucus I guess you would call it, coming from his mouth. I have him some wormer, he's been getting vetrx by his nostrils. He seemed to be eating more this morning. But also had drool hanging out of his mouth. He's being kept seperarated in a XL dog crate right now. He doesn't seem as lethargic as he did when I brought him home. But I'm still concerned. Can I try to give penicillin? If so, how much? And where do I inject in a chicken? Or does anyone have any idea of what could be going on? Or what else I can do?
Hi! It sounds like he may have a respiratory infection. Good move separating him. I would suggest giving him some Duramycin, that may help if it's a bacterial infection. Good luck!
What's that and where can I find it? I'm more concerned about the just keeps coming out of his mouth. I looked to see if he had any food or anything caught in his throat but didn't see anything. I felt bad for the poor guy when I saw him there that day. I just hope I can help him. He's been getting more perky. I gave him vitamins and electrolytes in his water. Then I got the liquid wormer. Just in case he has something going on in there.
Duramycin is an antibiotic and it should be at your local Tractor Supply or feed store. If they don't have that, another antibiotic will work too, that is just a common one. Sorry, I'm not sure about the drooling. I'd say try to keep him hydrated, sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck!
Well penicillin is commonly used for infections with wounds, I'm not sure how it would effect the some of the bacteria that cause common respiratory infections.
Someone else said possibly water belly...the symptoms are all right. I just don't know what to do for him. It is mostly for meat birds. And he's a polish top hat

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