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    Yesterday we found our rooster near dead outside the coop when we went out in the morning. It had been quite cold, in the 20*'s over night, but the cold wasn't what started the problem I think. He normally would have been inside, so that fact that he wasn't tells me he didn't feel well prior to bedtime. So, we brought him in yesterday morning to either warm up or at least not die outside in the cold. he is still alive, his breathing seems labored, but he isn't sneezing or anything. This morning we went to the feed store and bought sav a chik and nutridrench. The after giving him these two things he seems marginally better, he has his eyes open some, and has picked at fresh corn. My question is about whether we should limit how much of the the drench and sav a chik we give him (can we OD him on either?) and is there anything else we should be doing? I tried to feed him meal worms or raw egg, he didn't want either so right now it seems like he will only eat corn. All the other chickens seem fine. As a side note, he is 7 or 8 years old, that is fairly old, correct?

    thank you in advance..

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    7 or 8 is fairly old for a chicken, and his age is a testament to how well you have cared for him. It is possible that he is reaching his life's end, but it is also possible that he may have gotten chilled. Try the supplementation several times a day at the volume that you have already used. If his appetite picks up, gradually back off on the treatment. Good luck.
  3. I think worming him might be a good idea.

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