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    I have 3 of my silkies in the house, they have puffy eyes, coughing, sneezing, very heavy breathing, I'm having to force feed them and giving them water.I've been giving them VetRx and a home remedy of thyme and dill and it's been 3 days now.Yesterday one of my roos seem to be doing better but this morning same thing over again.My poor little fellows are having such a hard time breathing...any advice please?
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    First question, climate change? In the area where I live the weather is rapidly falling and rising within a matter of days.I'm pretty sure this is the reason for MY hen being sick, I havetthe hairdryer on her (one of my family members suggested the warm setting because yesterday it was warm).

    Second question, is anything blocking their airway? Look in their beaks.

    Whenever my birds are sick I give them polyvisol it's baby vitamins, for small birds I give a tiny drop. For larger birds a bigger drop. DO NOT GET ANYTHING WITH CALCIUM IN IT. Out of sheer stupidity, I once mixed calcium in their water and a small hen of mine ended up with kidney stones (according to the vet). She died horribly.

    Give them food with lots of calories, do your best to stay away from processed foods (bread, cheese, etc) eating *something* is better than nothing in my opinion. I once had a turkey who survived off peanut butter & gatorade, because that's the only thing we could force down him.

    You may have to go to the vet to get proper meds, in which I strongly urge you to do so. In the case their symptoms worsen before you can.... I use baby medication for my animals. Dimetapp, benedryl, tylonel, polyvisol ... those are the things I used when my birds were on their deathbed and "they couldn't get worse." I DONT urge you to just randomly try medication (re-read the calcium incident). I will repeat... I used those on their deathbed & that's what kept them alive.

    I am by no means a veterinarian. I am giving advice based on my experiences and what has helped me as a chicken pet lover. If anyone else has better advice by all means, take the reins. Do not chastise me I'm trying to help

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