very sick turkey baby

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    Jun 26, 2010
    First time to post but hoped someone knew what else I can do to help my new turkey baby. Lost one turkey already and this one is about to die. Just got both but they had a bad start from feed store mishandling (both soaking wet in air conditioned store). Both turkeys were wet and weak. Had been sent to someone else by mistake and then returned to store for me. One died first night in water dish. This one was sick this am. Have given it sugar water through dropper and she came to for a little while but is now getting weaker again. She may have pasty butt starting also. Unable to stand well, falls over. Weak neck and chirping comes and goes, mostly gone now. Have secluded in a room with heat. She is a bronze about 4 to 6 days old. We have always had wonderful success w/turkeys so this has been horrible. Our success rate on chicks and turkeys this year has been 100% before this. Any ideas how we can save her?

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