Very Sickly Turkey


9 Years
Oct 14, 2010
I have a tom Royal Palm turkey that is doing awful. Here is a quick run down of what I have.

6 turkeys (5 born this spring and bought at 10days old) ,1 1.5yr old tom given to me by someone off craigslist, 1 african goose, 12 guinnea fowl cows, horses, and a llama

All the birds are doing great and are free range, except for this 1 older tom. The older tom is doing bad. I got him mid Sept and he was doing great. Super friendly he would follow you around to the point it was getting annoying. This went of for about 2-3 weeks. Then he stopped getting out the the pen but otherwise looked/acted fine. Well then he started looking bad, he lost a couple tail feathers and wasn't strutting anymore. He continued his decline to were for the last week he hasn't left the barn and sleeps all day. He has lost about half his weight. Last week I wormed him is .5cc ivomectin hoping that would help but am not seeing any improvement. He has also started stumbling and it appears that he can't see very well anymore. His eyes are only half open like he is a stoner turkey. He does like the sun though and will stay in the sun light as it moves across the barn throughout the day.

Any ideas on what is wrong?
What can I check to hopefully figure this out? Any other info that would be helpful?
What can I do for him?
Feeding Scratch and whatever else the eat outside. The sick bird isn't leaving the barn though so he is just getting the scratch and water.

No idea what his poo looks like since he is in a barn with wood chips on the floor.
- Edit - I was just out in the barn adding the antibiotic to his water and saw him poo. It was very yellow and runny. Does this mean he has blackhead and is going to die soon?!

Today we got some stuff at the feed store called duramycin-10 that is an antibiotic that you put in the water. Will that do any good?

I'll go snap some pictures right now.

Took some pictures, but no idea on how to post them.

Also the toms legs seem to be peeling. Like there are places that are a dull scaley/flaky and other spots where it looks like the old scale has peeled off and it pretty red. I took some pictures of his legs, but they didn't turn out to good. Tomorrow my brother is going to set him out in the pasture so maybe he can eat some grass.
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The picture of his legs is because there are large scales on the front but on the bottom it looks like some of the skin has peeled away and is a bright red that the photo doesn't show very well.
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I don't know what the "proper" thing to do is, but what I would do if he was mine, is get him on some vitamins, antibiotics, dust for mites, get him on a high protien diet, like turkey crumbles, & worm him again in a week. Like I said, that's what I would do. Something is ailing him so I would treat everything.
What birdaholic said.

Try scrambled or crushed hardboiled eggs. Polyvisol Enfamil vitamins (without iron) 4 drops a day for a week and taper off. Check droppings ASAP (might hold the answer). Clean the raw area of leg with betadine and water/blukote and make sure he stays on clean bedding.

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Well when I went out to check in turkey on the 15th, he had passed.
All the other turkeys are doing great. Hopefully whatever he had won't get them. I did catch all of them this weekend and worm them.

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