Very sleepy hen???


8 Years
May 13, 2011
I have a black copper maran hen of undetermined age. For the last few days she has been sleeping excessively. Every time I go out there she is sleeping. Sometimes on the ground. Sometimes on the roost and sometimes on the nest (but not laying).

I wouldn't think she's being broody since she's not laying. It has been very hot lately but the other chicks are doing fine.

I've seen her walking in the coop - stop inbetween steps - stand there for a few seconds then close her eyes and sit down very slowly. As if she just can't take one more step. I've actually stepped up to her and stroked her back a few times before she will wake up and move.

What's going on... help!

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make sure she is drinking lots of very very cold water and put some electrolyte powder in the water
Thank you. I change their water every day - I'll run by and get some electrolytes today and see if that helps!

It really depends! Could you post a picture of her? Here is some things to check -

1. Is her comb down? Or wobbly?
2. Is her comb AND/OR skin pale?
3. Is she laying eggs?
4. How often do you notice her eating/drinking?
5. Does she separate herself from the flock?
6. Is her chest area inflamed?
7. Is her "egg-exit" blocked?
8. Does she make noises? Has she been clucking lately?
9. How long as she been sleepy like this?
10. Are her eyes greenish?

If she is looking pale, that could be anemia.

If she's not laying eggs, and her egg-exit is blocked. Then you can take her to the vet or if you can tell it's a stuck egg, then follow this for directions. -

Please post pictures, that would help us a lot!

I'm sorry I haven't posted back.... one kid graduating, one getting married, two moving to new homes.....

She is still very sleepy.

Her comb is very small so its not down or wobbly
Her comb is not pale
No. She isn't laying - she is the only copper maran I have and I haven't had any dark brown eggs.
I have not actually seen her eat anything since this happened (not even the treats) but I have seen her drinking.
Yes. I have seen her separate herself. If the others are down she will sometimes be on the roost.
Her chest is not inflammed
I don't think her vent is blocked. Her back end is clean. How can I tell if she is egg bound or should I just go ahead and take her to vet to be checked?
She is very quiet
hmmmmm. At least 3 days.
Her eyes (when open) are her natural color.

Her beak looks like the tip has been broken off. I'll get a picture. When I got her she had been in a flock with a lot of roosters. She is missing feathers from her back - from her tail to about 1/2 way up her back. I've ordered an apron. I would say she is the low hen in the flock.
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