Very sleepy.

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    Hi. I just got 5 day old speckled Sussex they had a long ride to their new home. 70 mile drive. I put them in brooder and all is well they are all drinking and pecking at their food peepin and bouncin around. Except my tiniest girl ladoza is what I named her,she is sleepy! She like nods out and then pips right back up when they all start squeaking. But now she is doing nothing but sleeping Im worried about her. Is she sick? Stressed? Exhausted from the move. She's been drinking and pecking at the food. Fresh water I've changed like three times since I got them today. I'm just concerned for my littlest girl. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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    Some chicks just don't make it, failure to thrive.
    Try giving her a few drops of sugar water, or chick-saver, or electrolytes, or grow gel.
    Just a drop next to her beak until she starts to take it on her own, don't squirt it into her mouth or she might choke on it.

    Check out the raising baby chicks forum.
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