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    Sep 19, 2009
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    One of my young hens has been given at lot more free-range time over the last year. Her free-range environment is decidely complex with four runs that are not covered and numerous pens that have escape holes most birds do not use near top. This individual will see feed in a run or pen and immediately fly over top or gain access by going through the escape whole. She does not get confused and try to go straight through fencing. Recently she came of with a brood that is now about 4 weeks old. To get chicks to follow her she either alights on top of run or entrance of escape hole then makes tidbit call causing them to fly up to her. Then she flies down and chicks follow. I have never seen a hen employ a tidbit call to chicks that did not indicate food or water.

    Her brother is a bit smarter than average as well. He readily flies into area fenced in with electrified poultry netting to mate with a broody pullet then promptly flies out before one of the cocks in a tie-cord can catch him. Both are out of a smart hen that I have trained to do a lot. From different clutches and fathers.

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