Very smelly runny poo...

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  1. Miss Annie

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    Mar 1, 2012
    SO I looked at the link to that poo website and none of those pictures looked like what I have going on here. Just one of my chicks has the worlds stinkiest poo, and it is tan and runny. I am very paranoid about something being wrong with them, but I don't believe in taking medicine, so I really don't want to give my chickies medicine if they don't need it. They are on medicated chick crumbles. Is there any sort of other thing I can feed them to help solidify this? Maybe she will grow out of it....The chicks all seem very playful and happy and allert and cuddly, not sick at all, except for the one with the poop issue. I also thought since it's only been a couple of days maybe it was just stress from getting a new home and riding home from the feed store in a car. Thanks for taking the time to read this and reply.

  2. Buffygirl

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    Is it very runny or just sticky looking? And is the chick acting normal otherwise? Watch the chick closely. If she only has that sticky looking (not runny) poo once in a while it is normal. Because chickens dont pee, that is their way of "disposing the liquids." If it is very runny, then isolate her and give her water with electrolytes in it, and feed her normally.

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