Very snotty chicken sneezing all the time?


Oct 10, 2015
Hi, we recently adopted a chicken from a local animal sanctuary. They had two hens there but her friend died so I took her home as she was very lonely.
With the winter weather commencing here in the UK, at the sanctuary she was kept in a shed which kept flooding and although she could get up high onto bedding, her straw was damp and the wind just blew rain straight in... so she was kept in damp, cold conditions and it’s no surprise she got a cold

When I first brought her home she was sneezing pretty constantly and her breath was rattling. We have been keeping her in a dry, draught free shed with lots of fresh straw to keep her comfy as well as a microwaveable heat mat on a night for extra warmth.

2 weeks on and the rattling breath has gone and she’s definitely less snotty, but still sneezes every minute or so and her nares are snotty. When she arrived with us she had worms too (I know, came in a bad state) but has been treated and that’s cleared up now.
Ive been putting raw apple cider vinegar in her water and treating her with Nettex poultry nutri drops probiotic.
Can anyone recommend what I do now as she’s just not recovering as quickly as I’d hoped? Has anybody had anything similar and/or know what is wrong with her and knows what medicine etc I could get for her?

Thankyou! All helpful advice much appreciated!


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Little update on Poppy incase anybody else has this same issue in the future and stumbles across this forum!
We didn't get much advice on any pages so in the end did take her to the vets... she was diagnosed with 'mycoplasma' and prescribed antibiotics.
Symptoms of mycoplasma can cause cold like symptoms as well as fluid filled sacks or weak/swollen joints. It spreads amongst a flock via shared food / drinking water and other animals will remain carriers until their immune system drops and symptoms show.
We now know Poppy caught the disease off of her friend at the animal sanctuary who had now died... her friend having the swelling symptom after having lost her eye. Poppy was a carrier until the weather changed and when kept in cold and damp conditions, the disease came out in the form of a cold.

She was prescribed with 'Tylan soluble powder'... This is prescription in the UK but you can actually order it from the USA on eBay. If you are in the states already, again you can get it on eBay.
We were told to mix 1 gram of Tylan with 2 litres of water and replace the water every day with the antibiotic for 2 weeks. We are now 1.5 weeks into treatment and Poppy is pretty much better!!
If you just have one poorly chicken, you can save money by measuring out a gram then using a knife or similar to separate into 5 equal sections, therefore only needing 200ml of water at one time

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