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  1. My eggs from the may swap are hatching (thank you scgamecock)and there is one black chick that is really big. I put him by my two week old WCBP and they are the same size! [​IMG] I am holding him right now and he isnt cold. I put him under the heat lamp and it is too hot for him even though its fine for the other ones. Has this ever happened to you?
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    lol goodness

    yup that happen to me with my rooster chick.. when he hatch i was [​IMG] you would think since there in the egg they wouldn't be that big when they come out it's like how the heck they even hatch cuz apparently there wouldn't even be room to move in there and he started to get his feather buds on day 3 [​IMG] i got the eggs from my uncle.. i called him and was like ( what were you feeding your hens??? ) [​IMG]

    Congrats on your Hatch! [​IMG]
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