Very SWEET Phoenix Mix Rooster! UPSTATE NY

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    Mar 16, 2008
    As I said in my other post, I just have way too many roosters and it isn't fair to my hens or to this rooster.

    His name is Steel and he is a gorgeous Phoenix/Sumatra/Silkie mix. His silver, seen in person, is extremely striking and he has a small amount of feathers on his legs. He would be a good keeper of your hens or if you'd like some Silkie blood in your breeding program or something. He is very personable and sweet and doesn't mind being picked up and held. He is very roostery though and knows how to do his job.

    I only ask $5 because he is an all out mutt and I have never shown him before, but both of his parents were Pollorum tested negative and won blue ribbons at the local county fair last year.

    Again, I like in Upstate NY but would be glad to meet you if you live in another state and I will gladly deliver to those in NY or Vermont. Where here is a will, there is a way! However, I DO NOT ship live animals and refuse to do so.

    He would be an excellent addition to your flock! Thank you and happy bidding. [​IMG]

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