VERY Swollen 2 day old chick.. Looks like she's filled with fluid??

Sparrow ranch

May 4, 2015
I have a 2 day old chick that I woke up to cheeping very loudly this morning. She had been knocked over and was unable to get up. When I lifted her, I saw that she was EXTREMELY bloated from neck to legs. It feels as though she is filled with fluid. She is now so heavy she can't hold up her own body weight. She is leaning back, holding her head up to keep balance but is hunched over almost completely backwards now.. She is separated from the rest for safety precautions.. But she was fine yesterday (other than one eye not opening). No clogged vent. I don't expect her to live much longer, but what in the world would cause that?? Thanks in advance!!
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That's too bad, I wish your chick the best! Try to post a picture if you can, it will help others identify it better. But like ChickensAreSweet posted, it sounds like Omphalitis. It seems like there's not much you can do besides antibiotics. Keep us updated.

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