Very swollen bad Scaley Leg??


11 Years
Mar 28, 2008
Please help me!
My Harriett has had an ongoing problem with Scaley Leg Mites and I have been treating her with the Scaley Leg ointment from the pet shop which normally settles it down for six months or so, but last week I noticed that her legs were starting to look swollen, and this week they look so bad and very painful. Her right leg - the bigger one feels very warm too. For the last few days I have been rubbing Vaseline onto her legs but it is really not doing anything. I'm pretty sure that it is not bumble foot because I cannot find any dark spots anywhere on her legs, but obviously she has some sort of infection that needs to be cleared urgently!.



12 Years
Dec 21, 2007
Southeast USA
most likely infection..try some neosporin ointment..
also Panalog or Animax might help..(these treat both bacteria and fungal)

she most likely needs a systemic antibiotic ..such as penicillin (Penicillin-G procaine)
or possibly Cipro..
sometimes staph or strept infection sets in from the mites..
sometimes a fungal infection.
best to call a vet if you have one..may need some sort of skin scraping to determine which bacteria it is, or fungus.

what is the product you're using for Scaley Leg?
why does it keep recurring?

do your other chickens have signs of it?
have you treated the coop and nestboxes?

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