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    Another chicken with problems. My RIR (Miss Rustie) is getting very thin. We got some new chickens the saturday before Christmas and I didn't quite follow the instructions on introducing them to my originals. I added them to the pen all at once. Miss Rustie is part of my originals. She is the runt, gets picked on (always has by the other originals), and has always been by herself. She eats, but not sure how much and drinks. Her crop is VERY thin as well as her whole body. Her feathers to me seem to have lost their luster. I put her on the back porch in the LARGE dog crate tonight with nesting, food (layer & scratch), water etc. She ate what i thought was quite a bit (making a mess all over) and drinking. Covered the cage with a tarp and blanket to help keep her warm. I am thinking that she is stressed from the new birds and not eating much because they eventually push her out. So hoping she will fatten up being separated. Any ideas of what i can give to help fatten her? She is one my pickier eaters. Was thinking of getting some baby formula for her or Ensure. Going to give her eggs in the am and some oil.

    I have searched through the site and don't find too much about a thin or empty crop. Everything seems to be on a swollen crop and doing surgery. Accepting any suggestions.

    Thank you.
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    If i bought some meal worms would that help with protein since they are not free ranging now being cold, snowy, and in the 20's.
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    Now she has green watery poop. Bought some cat food with 14% protein, soft cat treats, cream of wheat, and evaporated milk. She ate a little cat food that i put on top of some morning mash. she actually was eating the mash, but ended up getting the cat food too. She still eats her layer and scratch and drinks lots of water (warmed). Her crop is full. Going to try and massage it being maybe it's clogged. Not sure what else to do for her. Feel bad. Thinking to bring her in the house to help build her energy, but with it 20 degrees outside i am afraid to bring her in, out, in, out. Thought of giving her my electric blanket outside (hehe).

    Any suggestions. I have not wormed her, but i don't see any worms. She feels so bony.
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    I am not an expert but if she has been kept from the food (by the other birds) for an extended period, she would be thin. Only time and a good diet will put meat on her bones. It won't happen all in a day. Sounds like she is eating fine when she can get it.

    We keep more than one food trough available for our birds so that the ones that are low on the pcking order can sneak in and eat. That seems to help, also some places for her to hide and get away from the other birds.

    I fear that if you keep her away from the others too long it will be like re-introducing a strange bird to the flock and she will be even more harrassed.

    Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in with good advice for you. Good luck.
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    Before you said her crop was thin? Did you mean empty? Has her crop been full overnight or just from eating this morning. If it is from eating this morning then that is good and normal. The crop should fill after eating. Overnight is what is bad.

    One of two things is happening, either they are picking on her because she is sick or she is losing weight and getting sick because they are picking on her, guarding the food and not letting her eat. If you think it is the latter, it might be a good idea to add a second feeder into your coop, far from the first, to prevent the same thing from happening to another bird.
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    So i brought Miss Rustie in today and gave her a soak in the tub with the dogs oatmeal shampoo to wash her bottom and warm her up. I was feeling bad that she is so thin and having to be out in the 17* cold at night. So she is going to stay in the house until she gets better.

    I think i have figured out her problem. Egg bound. It dawned on me to go out and check the other hens abdomen to compare and sure enough Miss Rustie's is much more rounded and protruded then the rest. When I was reading about the signs of egg bound i was paying more attention to the signs of the vent which when checking hers seems to be "normal" from what i can tell. Nothing coming out, it is not open or rounded.

    I can't believe I am keeping a chicken in the house to nurse to better health. I know I am very soft hearted when it comes to animals, but never thought i would do this for a chicken. I actually like her in the house. If Jim would allow me to i would make her an in door pet. [​IMG]




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    I went and bought some high protein cat food, cat treats, evaporated milk, and cream of wheat. She loves the milk. Ate a little bit of cat food on some mash i made for her. Also gave her a little bit of strawberry yogurt that i had to wipe on her beak to get her to eat it. Have to read some more and figure out what to do about the bound up egg. Afraid to stick my finger in her. Hopefully she will relax enough tonight inside to get it out on her own. I also put a fake egg in with her.
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    I also have noticed she doesn't fully lay down she constantly stands.

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