Very thin Hen barely eating with diarrhea, Pecked by other chickens, Help please.

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    Apr 17, 2012
    She is an 8 month old Orpington. She has been sitting in the nesting boxes the past couple days but I thought she was just laying an egg :( This night I went to collect the eggs and she didn't look very well when I seen her face & was barely moving at all, I picked her up & to my surprise she was so thin I could feel her chest bone, brought her in the house & made her her own area with food (oatmeal+sugar+chicken feed mixed together) & water with a little sugar because she isn't eating very much but is drinking tons of water. She looks like the other hens gave her quite a beating, All the feathers on her head are gone, feathers are missing in other small areas too, small blood spots. Fortunately she perked up a little since she has had lots of water & a little food in her but is not moving much. I checked her poop, its diarrhea brown+clear liquid. I was reading about this online & people were saying that some hens lower on the chain get chased away from eating & drinking, pecked at & chased away that they hide & get scared to eat, idk if this is the case but she is a smaller Orpington than the rest. She doesn't look like she has any noticeable internal problems, no heavy breathing so far. from the looks of it she was starved, how do I handle this? Do I help her eat like dip her beak in food? I know that she wont be able to eat a lot because her tummy must have shrunk, how much food should she be eating at this rate? & has anyone else seen or had this happen? What else could be wrong?

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    Is she drinking water - that's the most important thing? Sometimes with a bullied chicken they are prevented by the other chicken from reaching the food. Give her some TLC and if you are worried about her not drinking you could always wrap her in a towel and syringe a few drop of water into the side of her mouth. If you're really worried then I would take her to the vets.

    Good luck!
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    Awwww. I would certainly separate her-she's a target. I had one do that a few months ago, I have no idea why. I brought her in, kept food and water nearby, and gave her a shot of penicillin every day. After a week, she was making such a mess scratching, that I had to put her out. But I put her in a pen with docile hens. I have no idea why she did that, she was skinny, sleeping in the nest box, and one morning I found her hiding in a corner, and brought her in.

    I would also be giving some electrolytes because of the diarrhea.

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