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Mar 17, 2018
Hello everyone!

One of the chickens I raised on my property, who has since reverted into living / being fully wild on the property / in the neighborhood, yet still around my home at least once a day and docile enough to allow me to pick her up, has become very thin. Observing her, she doesn't seem to have many other signs that are alarming - she seems to be quite active, is eating, socialising etc. (to be fair - I haven't had a ton of time observing her but the moments I have, this seems to be true).

My first thought was worms - I haven't done a proper wormer on her ever, besides a handful of times she's had eye worms and I put some diluted medicine in her eye (can't remember what it's called though I believe it's controversial - it's some sort of sheep or cattle de-wormer or something rather).

I saw her poop today, and it was quite small, but looked fairly normal with some greenish and some of the white, though if anything, not smooth/consistent/dense and rather airy / pieces, and I moved it around and didn't see any worms.

The thing I worry about with giving her a wormer is that it's supposedly hard on them and she seems to be vulnerable right now.

Any thoughts? What would you do?

I could always take her to the vet, though not totally ideal because it's an hour away, an expense I'd prefer not to have, and my work is very demanding for the following week at least so it may be challenging to make happen. I definitely care about her so I'd like to do what I can if and however I can.

I will continue to keep an eye on her but I feel like I need to do something asap.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts / experiences!

P.S. - There is a photo of her in my avatar.
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Give her a dose of Valbazen orally, 1/2ml, then repeat again in 10 days. Then give her plain boiled white rice mixed with buttermilk to eat for a couple of days.

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