Very very graphic. Dealing with a dead animal in our shed.


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Jul 24, 2008
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My brother shot a stray tom cat 2 weeks ago.The cat was fighting with our neutered male cats and killed one of my biddies.My brother took care of it but the cat ran off and he thought maybe he missed.Well its two weeks later and I found the decomposing cat in a tight space in our shed.We will get it out with a shovel tomorrow but I would like to cover up as much smell before we start moving it.Any tips

Please don't tell me that it was wrong to kill the cat blah blah.I'm looking for advise not criticism.

i'm really sorry to hear that.....

i've got nothing for you.

wear a mask, bleach the area after the cat is moved, and then throw the cat in a red hot fire in a burn barrel.

those are my thoughts

Lime, lots of lime. then just throw some dirt on it. Like bury it in place if it's a tough place to get .
when ever we have a dead animal-we make sure we have a rip roaring fire going and put it in there. I also do this on processing day. Theres never anything left but ashes-we make sure of that! the vicks under the nose is good advice too!
If you aren't allowed to burn it. Then I would go in armed with Vicks, gloves and a large black plastic bag. Mr. Garbage Man will never know.
One things for sure...if you have dogs bury deep if you bury, put rocks over the spot where you bury it. Dogs will dig that up in a second! We took a dead cat off the road and buried day dogs had it at our back door!
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