Very, very sick parakeets

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    Apr 22, 2008
    My son came to me a little while ago and said that his parakeets were just sitting on the bottom of their cage not moving. Sure enough, they were both at the bottom of the cage. He was giving them some millet when he noticed they were sick and they didn't even move to get the millet, their favorite treat. They won't eat or drink. I'm fairly certain they are both going to die. I would feel better if we could figure out what has caused this.

    These are the first house birds we have ever had. My 9yo bought them in July of last year with his own money and was so happy to have them. They have had fresh food and water every day, he has been diligent about cleaning the cage. They seemed fine yesterday and even earlier today they were perching and acting pretty much normal. In hindsight, I recall that they weren't as noisy this morning as usual, but it was a cloudy day and they aren't as active as early in the day when it is gloomy.

    The only thing that has been different lately is we bought some millet from a new feed store. It wasn't packaged, just loose in a bin. They have had that as their millet for the last couple weeks. Could there have been something on the millet that has caused them to become sick? What else should we be looking at? There are no obvious physical signs such as changes in their poop or cere, just all of a sudden complete listlessness. No breathing trouble or feather picking.

    Is there anything we can do? Everything I have read online and from what they are acting like, it doesn't seem like there is any hope that they will live.
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    Do you know what sex they are? Have they ever laid eggs, what is their poop like? My advice would be to set the cage on a heating pad and cover it with a towel. Could they have gotten a chill? Vitamins and electrolytes in the water might help.
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    Jul 22, 2011
    Throw out the millet and TAKE THEM TO A VET. Don't wait!!!
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    Did you get them to a vet?

    [​IMG]As a fellow bird owner, I was worried for you.
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    I hope they made it, but once you see birds sitting on the bottom of the cage, they are near death.

    A few things to consider: Did the bird ingest a toxic substance? Many bird toys and cages are made with zinc or other heavy metals that will kill a bird who chews on them.

    Did the birds inhale a pollutant that caused them to collapse?. Keeping bird in or near the kitchen is not good as fumes from a gas stove, burning foods, or overheated cookware can kill them. Fumes from an unvented heat source can also cause death.

    Where the bird located near a cold draft? Were they fed a healthy diet? How old were they?

    Please let us know what happened.

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