Very watery droppings, lethargic

Jun 27, 2017
Kentucky, USA

I have one pullet not doing well. She is approx 4 1/2 months. I got her about a month ago. She had her eyes very slightly closed. Two weeks ago she started sleeping during the day. It has been sorta cold so I thought maybe she's cold but she's not. I took her in and her feet are so hot. The 68 degrees in my house made her pant heavily. Something no other of my chickens have ever done. It's like 38 out not like -7. It's odd. Her poop is just water with little bits of some poop flecks. I feel overwhelmed. I dewormed her with wazine for large roundworms a week ago assuming that would work. I guess it didn't. She is eating and drinking but not as much. Thank you.

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