Very watery poop, please help


11 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Fort Worth
An adult Orpington has been having very watery poop overnight. Pictures are attached. The last few days her poop has been softer than usual but now it’s much worse. Still laying eggs. My first thought is parasites, but I’m not seeing an issue in the other hen.


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Where my chickens live, it almost certainly means worms.

I had one last week passing pure water and had a fever, and another a few weeks ago that was passing water all day. They both proved positive for worms and after an overnight worm treatment they improved. I forgot to retreat after 7 days, and they both had fresh outbreaks because my medicine doesn't treat worm eggs.

An adult hen can handle worms better than a juvenile, that's why she seems to be normal. If it was a chick or juvenile, you would see loss of appetite and other problems like pox outbreaks. That is my experience.
Update: being treated for a liver infection. I don’t know how she will do, but after 24 hours on antibiotics she has perked up and is eating a bit. Still very concerned I’m going to lose her though. She just had her 2nd hatchday.

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