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    Jan 14, 2013
    I have a hen, good body weight, shiny feathers, alert, eating and drinking.
    LOOKS normal in every way, just has VERY WATERY POOPS??!!
    How can I HELP her. She's had a history with sour crop,and ascites during
    the past 2-3 years. She's been to the vet numerous times. The last fecal
    test just done last month was negative. Its gotten so bad that I put paper
    toweling under her roost spot at night and in the morning it is SOAKED!
    The liquid does not smell is not slimey, just looks like plain water! Her
    poops are mixed in with this liquid and are brown and white, just are smaller
    formed pieces. Do you think it has something related to her
    kidneys? Do you think they are producing extra liquid? I called the vet
    and begged her to think of anything that might help and all she could
    tell me was to use a dewormer piperazine and bring her back in if not
    better. Why would I worm her if her fecal was just NEGATIVE? I just
    paid for a fecal test! Sorry to sound desperate, but I am. She has to
    be dehydrated to say the least! Can any one at least think of ways I
    can give supportive care and help her with her dehydration? I don't
    know what else to do.
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    X2 Take a look at the poop chart.

    Are you having hot weather? It's possible she may be drinking a lot. Also what type of food/treats do you offer? "Watery" treats like melons, cucumbers, etc., can produce watery poop as well.

    With a history of Ascites, she may have some excess fluid and her body is trying to get rid of it as well. What course of treatment do you normally follow when dealing with her Ascites? Do you drain the fluid in her abdomen or treat with antibiotics?

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