VERY watery smelly poo

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    Jan 4, 2008
    I've searched on diarrhea and tried several suggestions from other postings, without success so I'm trying a new post.

    My hen has had diarrhea and very watery poop for several weeks now. At first i brought her inside to check if she was eating. She molted and then started taking food after about a week. At that time she was releasing acidy smelling water with no solids. Since that time, I've tried yogurt mixed with regular feed, rice with eggs & garlic. She is eating and the poop has some solids that are black, brown in color but they are still excessively watery, somewhat greenish to the point that the fluids create a little puddle and it still smells really strong.

    Her behavior is a bit off - hestitating coming out in the morning, not very interested in food - but otherwise no unusual movements of her head, no fluffing feathers, eyes/pupils are normal, no swellings that i can see, legs seem fine. her comb is a bit pale but has no scabs or wounds.

    I checked the poop page of images and think what i am seeing is in the range of normal, but the strong acidy odor and continued looseness seem to indicate a problem.

    all of the girls got wazine in the summer and a fecal test showed no parasites at that time.

    as far as i can tell, she is the only one of the four with this issue.

    any suggestions?
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    I don't know. If the fecal was good and you haven't noticed any wheezing or discharge that is beyond my experience.

    I've used mashed up pumpkin on goats, kittens, and puppies when they've had poo problems. The high fiber seems to help reset they system whether they're having loose stool or are constipated. You might try that, I don't think it could hurt anything.

    I just use canned pumpkin (not pie mix) for the kittens and puppies. I mix it 50/50 with wet food. My RIR that is in the chicken i.c.u. right now loves wet cat food so if you choose to try it just mix the pumpkin with that and I think she'll eat it. Good luck!
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  4. aitchbe

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    Jan 4, 2008
    thanks, i've browsed that site a few times. the watery picture is what i'm dealing. it's been an extended period of time and the acid smell is so strong that i'm sure there must be a problem. perhaps i should do a vet visit.

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