very weak hen, inflamation on mouth and other symptoms (pics attached)

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    Aug 13, 2016
    Hi, i have a very week hen, she is 5 weeks old, the breed is Kari (, a Kenyan dual purpose breed.

    She is sneezing, has an inflamation on the mouth (that has spreaded a little inside the mouth as well), she seems very weak (barely showed any resistance when grabbed), i just noticed the situation, checked arround for some minutes to see if other birds have it, so far none but i will inspect each closely asap, as far as i know (rookie chicken keeper here) the vent is supoused to be a little moist? hers is totally dry.

    This is the inflamation.



    She has diarrhoea with a very transparent color.


    No signs of trauma, she has been drinking only water and ¨growers¨ feeds (from a very good brand).

    3 days ago i started introducing pasture from my compound which they have loved, apart from that its always been just the feeds and water. The flock (50 total) have been living in the shelter for 1 week now, and 2 days ago they got vaccinated againts fowl pox (done by a vet), they were all pretty energetic at the moment and we didnt see anything unusual.

    Since i noticed less than an hour ago i have only insulated her from the group, no treatment yet.

    Today i had scheduled to do disinfection on feeders, drinkers, etc, i planned to do it once every week, as i mentioned today is 1 week since they arrived.

    So far they all seem pretty happy, i have had problems with temperature, every night they all group together close to the door for warm, i want to start using a lamp (no electrical connections in the shelter) but i want to prepare a proper enclosure for it first.

    PS, I would be grateful if you could suggest simple treatments (if at all possible), since i live in a rather small town in Kenya, maybe some medication is not available.
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    Welcome to BYC.
    Since you are in Kenya, I'm not sure what you have available.
    It looks like she may have canker. Usually treatment is Fish Zole (metronidazole, Flagyl) 250 mg orally every day split into two divided doses, given morning and evening. Acidified copper sulfate 1/4 tsp per gallon of water can be used 3 days per month in the flock's water to help prevent the disease from spreading. I believe both can be purchased online.

    Hope that helps.

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