very wierd rooster


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10 Years
May 9, 2009
ok I introduced two new silver laced wyandottes to the flock of 9 red shavers and they dont like the two new ones they dont let them get close to the coop and peck when they get near even the rooster which is nearly 3x the size of the red shaver.

why is the rooster not the boss?
and what can I do to make the red shavers stop attacking the new rooster and hen?
That is a typical behavior with a rooster not fully sexually mature. Your rooster needs a bit more time to realize that he is the boss over there!
Am I dumb, or is everyone spelling "wierd" wrong??? Isn't it spelled "weird"? I know the whole "I before E except after C", but this one is a rule breaker....
"weird" is spelled with the e before i...but is it REALLY that important??

It's typical rooster behavior. He's not quite ready to beat down his girls and proclaim himself.

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