Vet Call #1 Nice Hen Was Born With A Crossed Beak

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    Lets make a great new thread called Vet Call.
    We can help each other and have expert advice..
    I want to tell a few Vet Type stories. I hope others post their Vet calls, and I will as well.
    We need a Vet and surgery / Rehab section to address serious illness in your flock.
    I will start with this informative Vet type post. We answer each post with help.

    I loved this forum for years and like writing stories. Thank you.

    Spice Glen Ranch News
    November 10/ 2012

    Chicken Crossed Beak Notes and Scientific Medical Observations
    Nice Hen Was Born With A Crossed Beak by Ron Shanko

    I have seen this several times. It can be fatal, or cause weight loss. The crossed beak chicken can't eat enough to grow or survive.
    I have to watch her. She looks good now. Growing strong. She is still in the indoor baby brooder box.
    4 week old Cukoo Maran pullet [​IMG]
    She is friendly. (As they often are if deformed).
    As long as she can eat, she will survive.
    Sadly, the chickens favorite thing to do is peck, so she will be developmentally stunted I think from not being able to peck at seeds, grass and bugs.
    I wish there was a snip and tie operation that vets could do to fix this.

    I just couldn't stand to hurt the little bird if it didn't fix it.
    I had another cute crossed beak hen once that was so sweet. I found her dead the day after I thought she looked weak. I planned to help her the next day. It was dark when I thought about it.
    The next morning she was dead. She told me. I should have brought her into the baby brooding box in the house.
    I'm sorry.

    I will try to help this one to survive.

    Chicken Atlas Is A Chick Saver

    Hi Bobby,

    Look at this, I will send you a prototype one to test.
    I'll test my prototype stand on my bantam rooster that a hawk hurt.




    I will post more interesting info and I welcome any input.

    Loving dreams,

    Ron Shanko
    Spice Glen Ranch,
    Lower Lake, Ca
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