Vet gave Calcium IV????

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    I took our chicken who couldn't walk to the vet today. I thought she had been injured by the rooster. She started limping then couldn't walk then couldn't stand. The vet said he couldn't feel anything broken in her and when I told him she layed her first egg yesterday (perfect) and a soft shelled one this morning he thought it was a calcium deficiency causing paralysis. When I brought her in she had food and water but I didn't bring in oyster shell or grit.

    He gave her calcium in an IV (I heard lots of squawking!!) Anyway. I took her home. I stopped for gas and her comb and wattles were almost white. I thought she was going to die on the spot but she didn't. She has been in her crate and eating as usual but not standing or anything.

    They have free choice oyster shell in the coop and eat layer feed. They also get yogurt in treats. He said they need vitamin D to process the calcium. Polyvisol has some in it which I have been giving her daily. They have all just started laying in the last week or so and counting Nan's we have had 5 soft shelled eggs. We have 14 hens. Is this more than normal??

    SO------------ Has this happened to anyone else? Could he be right?????? I hope so as I think it can be fixed, if she has a torn tendon or something I'm not so sure.

    He gave me google printout that says put vitamin D3 in the water. Anyone done this?
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    interesting. I don't know, but I would be interested to see more research. If I remember I will ask my vet about it tomorrow (but that may not count as research, since they don't normally do birds)

    ETA - actually, I know vit D is needed for people to absorb calcium, so I don't know what it would be different for a bird? But they should be getting plenty of Vit D if they are free ranging and getting plenty of sunlight??
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    You can add 1 tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar (ACV) per gallon of water. ACV is an acidifier which helps in calcium absorption and lowers gut PH to help with bacterial issues. I use it daily for my chickens. IMO chickens get enough vitamin D from sunlight as Lorije1 stated.
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