Vet or No? Bird vet? Two chickens with leg problems.

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  1. My one Hen 8 days ago was found under the coop not moving. I had started a thread for her and people think she has mereks disease or a dislocation/Sprain. Maybe a pulled tendon. We have her in a sling, suspended in the air with her feet touching the ground, She had been in that since this afternoon. Her feet seem to becoming flat. So were all good for her! Hopefully..

    My other hen chicken got injured today, we found her eating food and flopping... I picked her up and she was kicking and busing me! She has some really hard kicks! (She is also very skittish) We noticed she favor's her right leg. when we try to set her down she tries to jump when her feet touch the ground. I touched her back by her tail on the right side and her feather go up there. She doesnt like that. she doesnt like to sit on her butt so she put both feet under her to support herself. She is an easter egger named Ester

    So we don't know whats wrong with this hen. My guess is that she jumped for the perch that is too high and hurt herself... Do you guys think she may have mereks disease? Or just did something to her back. Should I go to a normal vet? Or should I go to an avian vet that specializes in special and exotic animals?

    I went to a vet for my first hen. He didn't help at all! She hated him to!
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    Look at the thread on here about Hypericum (St John's Wart).
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  4. I know all about merek. But the one can still move her feet and has been like this for 9 days
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    Many types of neurological Marek's... Some walk funny, some limp, some have just toes that curl, the list goes on and on, so just because she can move he feet doesn't mean it's not Marek's. I'm not saying that it is Marek's, but you should know that Marek's is one of the most common diseases that show up at necropsy.

  6. I gave her a bath with epson salt in it and while i was drying her she moved both her legs. I think thats a good sign. her one toe is curling up though, but she is starting to standing. The sling is working.

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