Vet prescribed Tylan...worried


12 Years
Dec 27, 2007
So, my vet prescribed Tylan for one of my chickens. I took a poo sample to be tested for parasites, which came back negative. So, he perscribed Tylan b/c the chicken has a gurgling noise sometimes when she breathes, sneezes, and opens her mouth widely.

He gave me a regular size pill bottle full of Tylan and the directions said to mix it w/1QT. of water and use a primary water source. So I did this, this morning and she started to take a sip and quickly lost interest.

I'm thinking it tastes bad to her so now I'm worried that she won't get the med. she needs.

Anyone have any input on this?
When it gets thristy it will drink the medicated water. Don't offer anything else to the chick. Give it no choice and it will eventually drink the medicated water.
You could ask the vet if you can add a little cranberry juice to get the chick interested in it. I was told to do that with terrimycin (sp) and they drank it better. Good luck.
You have CRD . You can get the injectable instead. I have never had good luck with water solubles. It is a pain to inject a bunch of birds, but it works much better. You can also have your vet prescribe you some baytril tabs instead, it works as well as tylan if you don't want to inject.
Well, I have seen my Ruby drink some water afterall. Guess she did get thirsty enough. Oh yeah, she's a big girl, not a chick. Doesn't make that much of a difference though.

I'm guessing that since it only made enough for one quart, today is the only day she'll be drinking the medicated water. Is that what ya'll would assume?
No, she should be drinking the medicated water for a few days, there is a certain amount they need to ingest over a 3 plus day period for it to work properly.
So as long as there is water still in the waterer, I should just leave it out in the run for her? What about it getting dirty?
maybe using a smaller waterer, enough for a 1/2 cup or so.
see if she drinks it all, if so..add more.
keep rest in frig. to refill.


agree with Cuda...injectable is better for knowing they are getting the med and the right dose.
and works quicker.
I also agree w/the injectable, but I couldn't do it myself. First of all, I'd have no idea where to put it and second, I hate watching my dogs get their shots so I'm sure I'd feel the same about my chickens.

Do you all give your chickens shots yourself? How do you do it? Is there a specific place for the shot depending on what you're injecting or do you just put the needle pretty much anywhere?

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