Veterinary backyard chicken article...interesting read!

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    I looked around the forum for the best place to posted, and settled here. If there is a better place, let me know [​IMG] .
    I came across this article via Washington State University's Avian Health & Food Safety Laboratory, WADDL, WSU. Looks like vets have taken notice of the needs of backyard chicken keepers. And I've used, with success, the veterinary locator tool (use the advance search to find the poultry option) listed in the article.

    Meet your new neighbors: Chickens are moving from the hen house to the backyard and looking for veterinary care

    Not affiliated, yadda yadda....just interesting and helpful info imho.
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    Sigh. I wish vets in our area bothered to pay attention to poultry. All the poultry farmers are contracted to big corporations like Tyson that pay for poultry specialists to visit the barns, so the local vets don't bother learning about chickens. We have a nearby avian specialist, but he charges $200/hr to see chickens (and that's a discount because he likes chickens) and at only 30 cents of profit per carton, our birds won't get seen by him any time soon.
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    My vet actually took the time to take a course on poultry online. He already treats exotic birds.

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