Viable Embryo or not?


Mar 16, 2018
Hi there, Completely new to the forum and this is my first time incubating chickens. The Bantam one I have is on day 21 today and so far nothing. I candled it to see if there is any movement and can't see anything moving. It does seem to be a bit less "full" than I had imagined it would be inside the egg at this point. I will hopefully attach photos, if someone could give me some advice on what to do please. Cheers!!
It does look to have died. The lack of veins is the most obvious sign. I'm sorry. :hugs An egg close to hatching should fill up the space under the air cell. The embryo also looks very black and I've noticed they sink towards the narrow end of the egg when they have died.
I thought it may have died but didn't want to trust my gut feeling! :( Thanks for the feedback :)

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