Vicious Wyandotte?


In the Brooder
7 Years
Jun 29, 2012
I have a Silver Lace Wyandotte that we had to separate from the rest of the flock because she is harrassing the other hens to the point of making them bleed. We have thirteen hens together with one rooster. The birds are seven months old and they were raised together. The only problems we had was when the rooster was introduced to the flock when the hens were a couple of months old. Is there a reason her behavior would have changed like this? We lost a Light Brahma a week and a half ago and I found the Wyandotte had pecked at the hens back side and alot of the Brahma's feathers were missing. The Wyandotte's head was covered in the other bird's blood. It seemed strange but, at the time, I assumed the Brahma had gotten sick and died and the Wyandotte was only pecking at her because she was curious. Now I'm not so sure. Has anyone had similar problems? What can I do?

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