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    May 22, 2010
    My 1 yr old BR hen has become a great "mama" to her new family. Two guinea boys (who still beat each other up) 1 BR rooster and 2 BR hens. Mama let everyone know immediately who was boss and everyone has settled down somewhat. They are all about 3 months old; the two young BR hens stick together and the 2 guinea boys stick to the roo like glue with mama keeping them in order. Except for mama they mostly stay right in front of the coop & run unless they get distracted by a bug and when they find they have moved to far they run back.

    I've trained them to come when I shake a plastic cup with seeds in it, then throw them a handful of mealworms once back inside, this has worked like a charm until this morning. I ususally let them out of their run twice a day while I'm cleaning, then put them back when I go into the house. Mama hen has had the run of our place, without supervision for a long time now but stays close to her new family except today when she took off over her favorite hill and into the woods. The roo sees her go and takes off; of course the 2 guineas right behind him. With the two young hens looking very surprised and confused I close them in the run and try and fail to get the boys back; even the promise of their favorite worms didn't work. Even mama tried to gather her flock but they continued to eat and foriage. Frustrated, I went about my buisness cleaning pens, stalls and coops and about 1/2 hour later here comes the roo with the 2 guineas in tow yelling their silly heads off making a mad dash for their run. What a victory. Mama came back a few moments later and everyone got scolded for not coming when she said. Tomorrow I'll let them out again and hopefully they all come back.

    Oh for the good ol days when they obeyed the rules. It was so much easier before they started growing up. Thank God they don't have cell phones.

    Lee Ann
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    Funny Story! Fingers Crossed For Tommorow.

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