Video: 8 minutes of new chicks foraging with 2 mama hens ... enjoy!


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8 Years
Jan 23, 2012
After lurking and learning for a year I wanted to give back so here's a video, from today, of our 6 new chicks - born 3 days ago - out in the big world with their dual-mamas! I know many of you can watch this stuff forever, just like me, so I hope it's fun to watch.

I appreciate all who have shared on this site, so that I could learn - and I have learned so much over the last year as we got chickens for the first time, and it's blessed our family (seriously!!)


PS - my wife mocks me in fun for my chicken obsession (actually both me and our 5 children) - she made a Pinterest board called Chicken Love where she pokes fun at me and shares some fun chicken stuff if you're into Pinterest:

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