Video! All of my chickens in the big outdoors! :D

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    have (not really pictured) a group of 4 older pullets that were in my neighbors yard [​IMG]

    My RIR rooster was pestering the younger birds because he didn't know where his cronies were. My production red (?) pullet is a foster mom to the group of 6 Easter Eggers and the 1 mutt. And I have 2 cochin chicks (the dark and the white one) and then the gray fluffy chick I can't identify thats a bantam and my silver sebright chick. Enjoy! I know its long I kept hoping to get my chicks to "play fight" again. If a chick looks like a rooster and acts really tough like a "snake charmer" and attacks your hand a lot does this mean its a rooster? My mutt chick does this a lot, but not in the video.

    Let me know if the video doesn't work! the quality sucks when you are not on FB officially. [​IMG] I'd open the video in a small window
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