Video: Easy to make "no-waste" chick & adult feeders: made from recycled bottles/buckets

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    Dec 6, 2013


    When your chicks are all grown up, the following feeder works even better:


    If you'd like templates on making these feeders, send me a reply. I can specify the size and measurements of the holes, height of the bottle, and can show more details if anyone is interested. These feeders work well for us and results in almost no wasted feed - because only a small amount gravity-feeds out of the bottle and the chickens need to stick their head inside the bucket/juice bottle to eat. No poop, no moisture, no rodents. It may take some effort to make it, but the money saved in wasted food will be worth it.
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    I love your little chick observer on the table, there. Too cute. LOL

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