Video of Black King Snake Hunting Chicks and Mice


Crossing the Road
14 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
Black King Snake just under 6' caused a disturbance with hen and chicks. Hen was interacting with snake for some time before I figure out what was really going on. Immediately prior, hen was dust bathing with brood where snake would emerge from ground. Hen got back and gave an odd alarm call while rooster above went nuts trying to get down through hardware cloth of pen above. Kids where very much interested in what was going on. Dog was totally dead head since on drugs. Normally he would have been all over the snake.


Video below.

Make every effort to understand your chicken's biology and the environment that supports it.
Snake entangled by deer netting above pen. It has damage on posterior third that looks like what chicken would do. First image as snake was found. Second image after rough cut of deer netting making so I could take it back to house for completion of disentanglement. Snake did not cooperate but I got her out. Tools used.

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