Video of Chicken versus Hawk


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Sep 19, 2009
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To be clear, not my video. I am trying to find videos of chickens interacting successfully with raptors. The problem is most where chickens shown prevailing appear to have been pulled down. Censorship regarding cruelty likely reason for that. Some videos to my eye were questionable in terms of human role.


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Apr 9, 2016
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Roosters get such a bad rap these days... this actually brought tears of joy to my eyes! I think calling him Cluck Norris was the clincher. :gig

Yes, that rooster wanted to protect his flock... but it was chicken until seeing his guardian in distress made him jump into action. :love

Those hens are too funny. :thumbsup

Very entertaining, thank you! :pop

That's pretty good video.
Here's another story, hawk versus 10 year old girl. (My daughter)
Awesome addition to the next generation of guardians. :highfive:

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