Video of pet Canada goose being "released" to a park & it only knows people. They have several vide

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    I'm sorry I haven't been online to get these links. Sick, but better now, thanks! I wanted to say when I read over this thread that I appreciate the people who validated the fact that it is hard to have one house goose. And I should proof-read (I do this on Facebook all the time, ugh) my posts before clicking Submit. My husband has a large ranch - having Canada geese, chickens, guineas. We've only been married 7 years so those were the most fun years of my life. Oh it was fun!

    It was hard to look up those videos again. For anyone just joining in here, a man & his wife kept a Canada goose for its first year. I was looking up Canada goose pets but most of this man's videos don't have the words goose or geese in the title. I didn't think he was allowing people to post but that is because no one usually posted - I've left 3 today. It makes me feel like throwing up. Well, maybe I kind of felt like that to start with and then the last video Dash's Release. It's so hard to watch!! Don't they get it? Dash goes right up to a woman and her daughter, who back away, of course! Please, please post on these videos. If you are not registered on youtube, you can still look them up and watch them. You can share without registering by clicking share and copying the URL under the video - or just from your browser's entry. When you're done watching one of their videos, please look up above the video (I'm thinking of people who don't usually use youtube) you can see he has 13 I think total videos. You can click on that - where it says 13 videos to see them. Or you can copy and paste the author's name in the youtube search field and it will show all his videos. I can't go back to them again. I hope everyone who reads this will register with youtube (you can cancel your membership when you're done, if you want) and leave a reply - actually I hope all of you who hurt over this goose, will spread this around and get more people to leave replies/responses. He says "release" as if they are a wild life rehab place and have gone through all the steps of teach Dash about other geese, etc.

    Dash's last bath link is

    Dash's Release link is

    The author's login name is soundq2 You can also go to and type Dash's last bath or Dash's Release in the youtube search box. So, so sad. I hope to God that they used food coloring on his/her chest and didn't send Dash out wearing a diaper!! [​IMG]

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