Video of Some of the Chicks Hatched from Dipsy Doodle Doo.

Your video is so precious. Your son is so cute, love the questions! His voice is so sweet, he's talking softly, so not to scare them.
Momma hen is very patient isn't she? Just love the whole thing. thanks for sharing.
I wanted to add, out of 12 egg, all started to develop, so 100% fertility, 9 have hatched so far. So at the very least I will have a 75% hatch, which is great with shipped eggs. I highly recommend her. BTW bubble wrap does not smother
She's an australorp. I have 2 that have eggs hatching. The other hen is on some other shipped eggs from another byc'er, and so far, only 3 of those have hatched, but that shipment had some issues, so I'm glad we have that many.

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