"View my BYC page" - post anything!


9 Years
May 10, 2010
lake oswego flats
I love looking at pics! They don't even need to have anything written - just post a bunch of your pics! It's such a bummer to click on someones "page" only to see "viewed 7896 times" with nothing there. Love looking at chicken pics, coop pics, other animal pics ...

I'm sure I am not alone. I know I need to update mine, but I have something there. Not much, but something.

Just posting this for all of the voyeurs.
i put a video on mine and then i am trying to blog a little about my chickens:) your coop is really nice and your chickies are adorible:^]
I have a million pics. on my Our Little Farm blog... check it out when you have time every once in awhile, always something going on
I've had a dickens of a time posting pictures. I've followed the instructions but it hasn't worked. I do, at least, have links, but it makes for a less than exciting page.
I have 2 - 3 BYC pages, all of them have something on them.

I haven't updated my Siltan Project in awhile, I don't have any updated pictures of Sassy. I need to take some though.

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