Vindaloo can't stand. Her poo is now healthy looking, feathers good, comb bent

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  1. Hi all.
    I'm pretty certain this all started with a blocked crop. She had been very listless and not taking much notice of anythng and her pooh was very wet so on Wednesday I took her to the vet. He emptied he crop by massaging upwards and gave her anti biotics. (He gave me a hard time for feeding her fresh coconut - she loves it)
    There was still stuff in her crop so I wrapped her in an old tee shirt and rested her on a table top at 60 degrees and got some more stuff out. Then I held her very gently upside down and got out a little more.
    On Thursday I gave her a little olive oil.
    Then I had the brainwave? of giving her solid coconut oil from the fridge. We live in the tropics so I knew it would melt in her crop. I think I might have given her too much.
    She was wandering around as if she'd lost her marbles.
    Then she poohed mainly liquid which quickly solidified (we had a short cold spell (24 degrees)
    Her poohs went back to normal.
    On Tuesday she had lost the use of her legs she didn't eat or drink
    Today (Wednesday) she is eating and drinking. Taking interest. I sometimes hold her on my lap. If she tries to adjust her position she cries out as if in pain.
    That's about it.
    I've just given her a bit of marmite for vitamin B complex and I'm going to buy some B complex at the chemist in a minute.
    I believe she is going to survive this.
    Any suggestions?
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    yogert or some buttermilk help get her stomach back in order. maybe the milk from coconut next time for treat? or did the vet say it was because it was shredded? so, if she picked it herself she wouldnt get as much or bigger hunks??
  3. Thanks for those suggestions. I did give her small chunks of coconut. Totally the wrong size for a chook.
    I make coconut milk and then put kefir grains in it, so I can roll all your suggestions into one and give her coconut milk kefir. BTW. She didn't pooh overnight. There was just slightly smelly almost water like liquid .
    Thanks again,
  4. Update on Vindaloo is that after 2 weeks she's nearly walking. She's totally all skin and bone. She started getting very sore underneath and I treated her with iodine. I've been grinding up a vit B tablet and putting it her food and also putting a tablet in her water.

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