Vindaloo, Schnitzel and Soup - Kiev died

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  1. Hi I have 3 chooks names as in the title and my husband is the one with the sense of humour. I've just joined 'cos poor wee Vindaloo is very poorly and I thought I'd look up whether watermelon is OK for chooks. Vindaloo is just standing near a . water source looking very sorry for herself.

    Her feathers are all in good nick, but her comb is bending over (it used to be straight).

    Her poo seems to be mainly bile, she's not eating but she's drinking lots.

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    Welcome to BYC!
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    Hello :frow and Welcome to BYC! X2 on posting on the Emergencies board, good luck with your chicken. Watermelon is a popular summer treat for chickens, a lot of people feed it fairly often as a way to cool down in the summer.
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    X 3 on the posting. Hopefully things are resolving with your bird.
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    [​IMG]hope you get help for her fast, sounds very serious

  6. She lost the ability to walk and I cuddled her, kept he upstairs with us. Bathed her everyday. As I was bathing her, I had the idea of getting her to use her legs. They weren't strong enough without the water. Well, we got there. She could walk. Then I would put her at the bottom of the stairs and get her to walk/jump up. One of the other chooks came up with us, encouraging her. It was lovely to see. Thanks for the encouragement

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